Several years ago I began a journey combining my passion for art with teaching and inspiring positivity.  Kids are my heartbeat and I want to help them find their true JOY withIN.  This is the type of joy that I want to celebrate, foster and encourage.  I created In Joy, LLC so that I can help kids of all ages realize their self-worth, and help them be confident, authentic individuals with strong communication skills. I use art as a tool to help convey confidence and strength while accepting the range of emotions and trials of life.  

Urban Dictionary definition: “INJOY is stronger then enjoy. For injoy is more of joy filling you from inside of yourself.”

I am incredibly passionate about helping kids build confidence through a creative process. I am thankful for engaged and invested parents wanting the best for their kids.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey. I hope our paths cross if they haven’t already! 

Jaime Lyon

Meet Jaime!

As Co-Founder and Co-Director Jaime is honored to get to design and implement programming with
her Co-Founder/ Co-Director, Amy Johnson. Together they get to do the work of creating and
sustaining a business that can help students, staff & families create sustainable positive culture in
schools and nonprofit organizations serving K-12. They have had the privilege of sharing the I AM NOTICED program with over 30,000 students, educators, and family members as a positive proactive approach to SEL and mental wellness.

Let's Create Together!

If you are interested in scheduling an event with INJOY, please fill out the contact form. Proposals for private art lessons, workshops and/or murals are available upon request. I can’t wait to create something amazing with you or for you!

-Jaime Lyon, Founder

Create Together at INJOY Art

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